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I was shocked beyond belief when I saw that there were people who claim to work at SweetSpiritz and are requesting money! YES PEOPLE!!! There are some devils out there. So let me be clear about this.... SWEETSPIRITZ IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY ONLY ME... I WORK ALONE... SWEETSPIRITZ DOES NOT EMPLOY ANYONE AND DOES NOT REQUEST DONATIONS OR FEES FROM ANYONE! IF YOU ARE APPROACHED BY SOMEONE WHO IS VIOLATING WHAT I DO HERE AND ASKS YOU FOR MONEY, PLEASE ALERT THE POLICE OR THE FBI @ http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud  . I'm so sorry that some of you have been lured by evil people who would tarnish my reputation and steal from you in the name of JESUS... Please don't be so gullible. Hopefully these demons will cease to attack using SweetSpiritz as a front. This is the ONLY site for SweetSpiritz. There are no other sites that represents this SweetSpiritz. There are no other persons who represent SweetSpiritz. Just me and in this place alone... Please do not permit yourselves to be scammed by evil people. Thank you and may GOD protect you from the evil that roams the internet.

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